Personal Data Protect Law

Currently, as a conclucion of developments in information and communication technologies, processes such as collection and distribution of personal data have become much easier and faster. This situation has proved the necessity of protection of personal data. With the rapid advancement of technology and the inextricable easing of the flow of information, data protection has become a priority of the companies

As Senel Law Office, we provide comprehensive legal services in this field for both individuals whose data have been processed and data controllers. Our services in this field include the following:

  • Consulting and legal service about the condition of processing, data transferring, destruction of personal data and determination of company privacy policy
  • Responsibilities of the data controller
  • Harmonization of contracts with personal data protection legislation
  • Representation of the data processor or the persons whose data is processed in case personal data are processed illegally
  • Consulting of protection methods, prevention of unlawful processing of personal data, guiding human resources and IT departments about the personal data process and protection